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Nurse Jackie, out.

When I used to go to Loehmann’s with my grandmother, my grandpa and a fraternity of tired, dutiful men sat in a row on the “husband chairs” by the door, variously snoozing, doing the crosswords or listening to Howard Cosell… Continue Reading →

Screw Mother's Day

A post I did for my friend Louise over at Singlewith.com. Not grumpy! Just tired! This sentence is purely so I can put an exclamation point after it! Divorce Published on May 6th, 2015 | by Stephanie Dolgoff A Single… Continue Reading →

One for the New Yorkers (lifelong or otherwise)

I grew up in New York City, and except for college and a failed attempt to expatriate myself to Seville in my 20s (I’ll teach English! I’ll drink sangria! I’ll pantomime my distaste for rabbit entrails to a man named Carlos who either had a novia or a novela, I’m not sure!) I’ve lived here my whole life.

Gray days

The other day my friend Laurel posted on Facebook this: “Okay, what’s the deal with the 20-somethings dyeing their hair silver and gray? Is it ironic? Are they *mocking* us? I need answers. And ‪#‎getoffmylawn‬” No, they’re not mocking us, because… Continue Reading →

My butt has a mind of its own

Yesterday my friend accidentally “butt-friended” her ex on Facebook. She’d been checking out his page–purely to reassure herself that he’d gotten exponentially less attractive over time while she has become lovelier with each setting of the sun–then stuck her phone… Continue Reading →

Don't you know it's all about the mush

So here’s my question: What if you’re simply not all about that bass, bringing booty back or even a fat-bottomed girl who makes the rockin’ world go round? In all truthfulness, Sir Mixalot likes big butts (you’ll recall that he cannot… Continue Reading →

Payment in kindness

I suppose it’s a little unseemly to consider what you’ll get in return for performing an act of kindness. If I were a better person I would excrete selfless good deeds from my pores while whistling all the livelong day, bettering… Continue Reading →

Hot children in the city

People ask me what it was like growing up in New York City, which is where I was raised and am raising my daughters. I’m still growing up here, at age 46, every damn day. And like most people who… Continue Reading →

Tween cakewalk

Any of you who have tween daughters are familiar with the fact that–all of a sudden–if you inhale air within 15 feet of them in front of their friends you are “So not cool, Mom.” (Yeah, cuz I was totally… Continue Reading →

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