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Month July 2008

Eating in Peace

This appeared in Prevention in July 2008. For more great Prevention content, visit After conquering an eating disorder, my only path to a “healthy diet” is to savor every bite By Stephanie Dolgoff “I’ll have the blueberry pancakes with… Continue Reading →

Filthy stinking rich

My skills have been rendered obsolete by the advent of technologies that I have no hope of every understanding. Where’s my quill pen? Shoot me now.

Formerly black

Image not currently available Just too easy but I couldn’t resist.

Formerly a manslut

The first inaugural member of the FHHOF is, of course, Mr. Hollywood himself, the most notorious Lothario ever to work his way through the ’70s foxiest femmes, 71-year-old Warren Beatty. (And the crowd goes wild!) He has dated (and this… Continue Reading →

Does your ass need a bra?

Mine does, all of a sudden, at age 41. Not that it was so high and mighty to begin with, but at least until recently there was no overhang. In fact, my butt was one of the few body parts… Continue Reading →

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