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Month September 2008

SWG (single white geek), likes long walks on the beach

GOODMAN WROTE: I guess it was a matter of going from a geek who didn’t know he was a geek so always wondered why he couldn’t get a date to a geek angry at all women because they wouldn’t date him to a married geek who no longer needs to get a date.

Just dragging his ass

BROOKLYN GERSH WONDERS: Is this common? I’m not old and I exercise. I just don’t sleep anymore.

My shimmy's shot

Do you remember the Love is a Battlefield video, in which a young, gamine, yet steely Pat Benatar flees paternal oppression in the form of her bougie shopkeeper dad and becomes a taxi dancer in what was at that time… Continue Reading →

A quarter to invisible

There’s a period of time in a woman’s life in which she’s no longer objectively hot (definition: some people, mostly those who already love you, as well as guys who sit on milk crates outside bodegas drinking 40s, still think… Continue Reading →

Formerly fun

Photo by: Kirti Poddar, CC Licensed The other night, I went to a bar called Tailor with two friends of mine, both young enough to remember what it was like to go out drinking and enjoy it, but old enough… Continue Reading →

A V.S.P. (Very Serious Person)

ANDIE WROTE: What I’ve learned in the process is that being OK with making a total ass of yourself may not be what Serious People do, but it can be a doorway to real joy. Who knew?

Formerly a NYer

ANDREA WROTE: Yes, it is true. After 16 years living in Atlanta (and 26 in New York, as in FROM BIRTH til I was 26), I am admitting that I am formerly (and not currently) a New Yorker…I will NEVER be a Southerner (even though, much to my eternal surprise, my two daughters and husband are!!!).

Forever 21? Please god, no.

Do you know this clothing chain? It’s all over the US, and according to its website, Singapore, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, and other countries in which being 21 is evidently something you’d like to prolong indefinitely. In order… Continue Reading →

Disconnected from my body

MARGARET WROTE: The 22-year-olds can have their belly rings, I’m perfectly content not being able to FIND my belly button….

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