1060762624_3ba5711caa.jpgFROM CHRISTINA: Yesterday my older daughter told me twice that i look pregnant even though i don’t have a baby in my tummy. the first time was in the super shop and stop when i was at the dunkin’ donuts kiosk buying her and her sis a donut and myself and iced coffee with milk. the second time was when i tucked her in last night. then she said “but you always look cute and wear cute outfits.” she gave me a consolation hug.

yes, i am loveable, but i am too chubby. well, at least it has motivated me to try a pilates class today, instead of drown my “poor fat me” sorrows in pint of ice cream, which is how i got to be in this current state anyway. hopefully next time i write i will check off the formerly fat box!

Photo by: Star5112, CC Licensed