Formerly lived on the West Coast. Now the obscene level of noise pollution on the way to dropping my kid off at pre school in New York City makes me want to kick someone. Does every f*cking block in this city have to be under construction at all times??? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on here? I can’t take it anymore!

3118144305_6f3638081a-copy.jpgFormerly drank water from disposable plastic bottles. Now I appear smarter with my mint green nalgene bottle, but it keeps leaking all over my bag.

Formerly considered myself an optimistic person. Not really so much anymore.

Formerly a triathlete. Now I count a lame 45-minute spin class as exercise.
Formerly spontaneous. Now I filter every evening out through the lens of calculating how many hours of sleep I will get before my daughter wakes up 6:45 am.

Photo by: Tiffany Washko, CC Licensed