811180047_a947b36228.jpgYes, it is true. After 16 years living in Atlanta (and 26 in New York, as in FROM BIRTH til I was 26), I am admitting that I am formerly (and not currently) New Yorker — which is to say, I will probably never go back there to live (unless I somehow miraculously either win the lottery or inherit my parents’ rent-controlled apartment). I hate to give up on the idea of me as a NYC-ite but it is true. It is also true that I love my back yard and driving places (how inconvenient is a city bus with a double stroller?) — even to the market two blocks (gasp) away! Still< i cling to my NYC identity. I will NEVER be a Southerner (even though, much to my eternal surprise, my two daughters and husband are!!!). Sometimes, I repeat “I live in GEORGIA” to myself, just to see if it sounds any less weird. Nope.

Photo by: Aldo Gonzalez, CC Licensed