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Month October 2008

Time to retire the skinny jeans

So I’m just sitting there, minding my own bid-ness, when my husband shows me a drawing my daughter Sasha has done. “Who’s that?” he told me he asked her. “Sasha and Mommy, of course!”she answered. Of course.

That slippery slope

BTW, the arm-slimming garment lady canceled on me. Too bad! I was looking forward to cramming my arms into it and testing it out first hand. Meanwhile, my old friend Kely (old as in I first met her in grade… Continue Reading →

Formerly resilient

JUDY WROTE: A friend said that as the body ages, cells divide less frequently, slowing recovery. I asked a trainer if I could offer some incentive plan to my cells.
“Yeah,” he replied. “Drink from the fountain of youth.”
So I went out drinking. And I didn’t feel a thing.

Formerly motivated

Last night, at 10:53, I had a decision to make. Many of you pondered the same choice, and at least some of you have decided as I did: Faced with the option of doing crunches or placing my weary head… Continue Reading →

Great moments in women’s health

From epidurals (ahh!) to vagina lifts (boo!), here’s Health magazine’s list of the famous highs and lows in the last 20 years of female wellness.

The sun is setting aging hipsters

JANINE WROTE: Does anyone else find the tv commercials for Mohegan Sun depressing? You know, the one that uses the music from “My Sharona” with dorky words about how the middle-aged fortysomethings in the commercial are going to bust out for the weekend, going nuts by going to Mohegan sun and gambling! Going to a chain restaurant! Staying up all night!

Ask and ye shall receive

I know the economy is circling the bowl and people are fearing for their livelihood and John McCain is more than a bit tweaked, but check this the ‘ef out! A month or so after I posted about my bat… Continue Reading →

Yet another sign of impending decrepitude

Wore clogs with socks today, and wasn’t even properly embarrassed when the tattoo artist examining my ankle snickered. I mean, the man had a shard of metal through his nose and he was laughing that I had socks on with… Continue Reading →

The replacement theory of evolution

Photo by: WhineAndDine, CC Licensed It happened again. It freakin’ happened again! I was on the F train and saw Mike, a guy I knew 15 years ago. He was a bandmate of a fellow I was dating at the… Continue Reading →

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