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I know the economy is circling the bowl and people are fearing for their livelihood and John McCain is more than a bit tweaked, but check this the ‘ef out!

A month or so after I posted about my bat wings (also known in Jewish circles as Hadassah arms) and those of my wonderful friend Ronni,  I received a press release at work announcing a new product:

FLABuLESS, which the is being touted as “the first-ever arm shapewear that slims, conceals and re-shapes.” You wear it like a shrug under your clothes. Basically it’s Spanx for your upper arms.

I am meeting with the creator of FLABuLESS, one Lee Ann Stevenson, in a week or so. Ronni wants to know how you wear it with a T-shirt. Good question.

I will ask her if she has  any plans to develop the Ass Bra, which represents another vast void in the marketplace of things that smush women’s bodies into shapes that are preferable to when all body parts are flapping free in the breeze. Someone must invent the Ass Bra. We have the technology. Lee Ann, your country needs you.

Suggestions about other products that need to be invented for us lumpy people? Comment below.