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Month November 2008

Apres le delusion

So I had a terrific time at a little high school get-together at this bar I used to go to when I was 16 or 17. That was before Jennifer Levin was killed in Central Park after leaving as similar… Continue Reading →

Formerly employed

No, not I, shockingly, even though the magazine industry, like most every other, is twitching on the ground and coughing up blood. But many of my friends and colleagues have been laid off, with the same randomness with regard to… Continue Reading →

The bonfire of my vanity, or how I learned to love the gym

Lately, getting to the gym has been a struggle. Used to be, I was pretty good about it—four, five times a week, even when I was feeling a little logy. No, especially when I felt a little logy, because I… Continue Reading →

An open letter to Jennifer Aniston

Dear Jen, I don’t think you look pregnant. And if this opinion persists, here’s hoping that you are (if, of course, you’d like to be, as so many “friends” and “sources” close to you have revealed exclusively to In Touch,… Continue Reading →

My secret guilty pleasure

This morning, before I’d even had my coffee, the kitchen cabinet doors fell off their hinges, and cans of chickpeas rained down everywhere. My twin 5-year-old girls were each so desperate for my attention that I felt like a piece of raw meat…

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