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Month December 2008

Wayward asses and other lost body parts

An old roommate recently posted a status update on Facebook. For those who aren’t part of the glorious timesuck that is FB, status updates are where you tell your friends how or what you’re doing. You complete the sentence Stephanie… Continue Reading →

Shine on, Shinehead!

JOSH WROTE: People always used to say I resembled John McEnroe, because of my curly dark hair. Now, on a good day, they say I look like Charlotte’s husband on Sex and the City. On a bad day, they say I look like George Costanza.

Go green–get lipo!

Many people don’t need an excuse this good, but check it: Unless this story is an elaborate hoax, it appears that a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Craig Alan Bittner, has been saving the extra adipose he extracted from his patients’… Continue Reading →

Wherefore, Andrew Freedman?

My husband Paul, a dedicated Bronx historian and all around brilliant guy, turned me on to a glittering chunk of Formerly history of which I had been unaware. On the Grand Concourse, the Champs Elysees of the Bronx (the Bronx was… Continue Reading →

Lemme clarify something

A number of people, mostly women, have told me that they find Formerly Hot a little annoying. Shocking, I know. I was shocked, too. Their reasoning: Here I am, going on and on about no longer being hot, while in… Continue Reading →

And now, he's a hobbit

SAUL WROTE: In my 20-s, with my rock star hair and all, people would sometimes stop me on the street and say, “you’re a movie star, aren’t you?” But not be able to place which movie star, exactly, I was. Last night, heading back to the UWS, was stopped by a man on the street who said, “hey, aren’t you Sean Astin?” I said I was.

Necessity is a mother&^*&

That’s no typo. Necessity is, of course, the mother of invention (Plato, if you’re curious), but  necessity itself is a mother&^*%. I’m sick of needing things I didn’t need before, in my former life as an energetic, in-the-know, relevant young… Continue Reading →

Not just hot–HOT SHIT!

The other day I saw three 20-something girls walking together, laughing, acting like they were the center of the universe. They stepped into the street, just assuming cars and other people would get out of the way and, because they were young and pretty, people did.

Party on, meat puppets

Salon reports today that language mavens in Germany have decided upon the “youth word of the year for 2008.” Drum roll, please…it’s gammelfleischparty, which translates to “spoiled meat party.” According to Salon, gammelfleishparty is,

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