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Month December 2008

The audacity of models

Manhattan is lousy with models. It has more of these lank, willowy creatures per capita than any other city in the world. There is no model census, of course, but they’re everywhere, lovely, graceful vermin who wear what you can’t…. Continue Reading →

Formerly able to turn the world on with her smile

When stopped by the police for some small, non-lethal infraction, I used to be able to be at least hot enough or cute enough to get out of the ticket.

Formerly rational

MISTER WROTE: I used to fancy myself a purely rational being, a supreme decision maker. All of my choices were carefully thought out, pros and cons meticulously weighed, free of bias and prejudice, all perspectives considered. Of late I have discovered that I have emotions, and furthermore, that they have been working behind the scenes all along.

The idol topples. Thud.

It had to happen, but it was nonetheless shocking. This morning for the first time, my daughter Vivian was as pissy and bratty and seemingly heartless to me as she’s been to my husband for the past several years. I… Continue Reading →

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