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Month January 2009

The plague has spread to Europe, where they're supposed to like "mature" women

CATHY WROTE: A dozen years ago when I first traveled there solo, hot guys practically dropped from the sky to squire me around town…Other than a shady, middle-aged Turk who followed me for several blocks on the streets of Stuttgart, I commanded no notice whatsoever.

Adventures in undergarments and other serious political commentary

Photo Courtesy of Why is it that models of slimming undergarments like Spanx (left) are never the ones who would benefit from wearing them? It’s the body image parallel to the rich getting richer, and it makes the rest… Continue Reading →

I'll keep this short

But my husband and I are home on a Saturday night watching I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. It’s pretty much an abomination but we can’t take our eyes off of it. That’s formerly so many things, it depresses… Continue Reading →

Independent from independence

MAIA WROTE: I needed to be extra diligent about making people believe I was competent and able to handle everything…Today I am formerly smart and independent and currently average and happy.

Hacked almost to bits

Some of you know this, but two nights ago, Formerly Hot was hacked.

Teen idol rehab

To be a Formerly, you have to have been something in the first place. That’s one problem with VH1’s new reality show, Confessions of a Teen Idol, which sticks various men my age-ish who were once on not-so-good TV shows… Continue Reading →

Who cares if I have Hadassah arms?

The LA Times said nice things about my writing! And my incredible editor Paula Derrow, who so deserves every success she achieves.

The ultimate FORMERLY movie

Last night, on New Year’s eve, chock full of resolutions to stop eating so much sugar and to stop being so hard on myself, my husband and I went to see The Wrestler. It was terrific, and I had no… Continue Reading →

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