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Month March 2009

Formerly v. middle aged

This is splitting hairs, and I know it, but it’s all about the shades of difference, this Formerly thing. Many of you probably read that excellent blog post Judith Warner did for the New York Times last year, about attending… Continue Reading →

Then outsource it, dear Henry, dear Henry

So my kids’ wonderful little progressive elementary school has a monthly “sing,” at which all the grades get together and sit crisscross applesauce on the floor and sing songs in the lobby while the parents join in. Many are songs… Continue Reading →

This (not so) old house

I guess some people see the blog name Formerly Hot and hear a desperate cry for help. I recently received an email from a 39-year-old woman who wanted to support me in my quest to restore some of my erstwhile… Continue Reading →


The first time a woman gets ma’amed, it is seared into her consciousness in the same way a cow gets branded with a white-hot iron. Being ma’amed isn’t parallel to a guy getting sirred (I went ahead and added an… Continue Reading →

She's a Maniac 2.0

CARRIE WROTE: Every year at the high school where I teach, many students’ interpretation of 80’s-wear on “Time Warp Day” makes me feel like I’ve been transported backstage at the filming of “Flashdance.” Did we ever really dress like that?

Facebook's facelift = one Formerly's freakout

Like most little kids, I worshiped my grandparents. They were infinitely patient, thought I was a superior child, fulfilled my modest dreams of Dawn dolls and snow globes and let me eat peaches canned in sugary syrup and have White… Continue Reading →

We'll never starve

On the very day last week that I was having a full blown shallow-breath panic attack about the economy (yet another magazine that was supposedly doing just dandy bit the big one) my friend from college, Rachel, happened to send… Continue Reading →

Teacher Trouble?

5 Smart Ways to Handle Teacher Troubles Is it the teacher — or is it your kid? How to find out why your child’s unhappy at school By Stephanie Dolgoff, Parenting There was no single incident that made Kim Black… Continue Reading →

Barbie to Bratz: You're so grounded!

Thanks to Carrie for pointing out that it’s Barbie’s 50th birthday this week. I won’t go so far as to call Barbie a Formerly because I have zero insight into her self-definition and whether you are a Formerly ultimately has… Continue Reading →

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