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Month April 2009

Rich but still not young and definitely insane

When a friend sent me a link to a fashion piece in today’s New York Times, and I did my initial skim, I was psyched. One sentence jumped out at me: “Can a woman over 35 really hope to find… Continue Reading →

About face (mine)

On Language columnist William Safire traced the origin of the term “bad hair day” to an allegedly fabricated quote in Us Magazine attributed to comedian Gary Shandling in January 1991. “They said I told them I was having a bad… Continue Reading →

Sasquatch spotted on the Lower East Side

It’s finally sandal season and I have what a comedian I saw the other night calls a “suicide toe.” That is, one toe that’s longer than all the others just waiting to jump off the edge of the sandal and… Continue Reading →

Closer to fine

When I was just out of college, if someone asked me how I was, I used to give it some thought and answer honestly. “Yeah, OK, although I have to say, I’m somewhat conflicted about my desire to eat meat… Continue Reading →

"You never visit, you never call, you never post on my wall…"

My friend Heidi just remarked on Facebook: “You know you’re old when you don’t mind “friending” your own mother.” Tru dat. Could you ever have imagined, back when you were smuggling Pink Champale into your bedroom in your schoolbag and… Continue Reading →

Please hold for your butt

The little red light was blinking on my answering machine when I got home the other night. It was flickering out of control, indicating that there were dozens of messages. Usually there are no more than two or three, for… Continue Reading →

Ass forward, part deux

This evening I went through my warm-weather clothes, paring down my piles and getting rid of stuff that I know I won’t wear again. This is always a hard process for me. Compulsive shopper plus hoarder equals lots of stuff…. Continue Reading →

Quit it with the qualifiers

Yesterday I was on line at my neighborhood CVS waiting to pick up my prescription, my basket full of peanut M&Ms and Diet Coke, which I’m sure you’ve figured out by now are the keys to eternal youth.

It's only natural

My girls and I left the diner at which we had lunch on Saturday and were making our way to the bus stop, when we walked by the Museum of Sex. Yes, there is such a thing here in New… Continue Reading →

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