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Month May 2009

I'm OK, you're OK. Really.

I had to post this Formerly Hot moment before I forgot (which I’ve been doing more and more–not exactly early Alzheimers so much as Shit-For-Brains Syndrome, an egregiously under-researched condition about which little is known except that it’s epidemic in… Continue Reading →

On getting it right

Last week, I read Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel’s essay in the latest issue of Elle. Although she didn’t call it such, it’s all about being Formerly Hot, as well as Formerly Crazy. In the piece, lavishly written as is… Continue Reading →

Formerly employed

SARAH WROTE: I used to pay the kid across the street to mow my lawn…now I’m mowing lawns for a living.

Special Guest Blogger: Emily Listfield

This part is from Steph: Not that I’ve tried, but I’d imagine it’s difficult to portray a proper Formelry in fiction. So many people veer into caricature territory (cue the pre-cougars and the balding, wife-leaving, sports car-buying dickheads) and fail… Continue Reading →

Lucky and well aware of it

Good news for this Formerly this week! Check out this shout out for Formerly Hot in SELF magazine! I hope it brings scads of people to the site. Is your computer getting warmer? Mine is. Must be the stampeding hordes…. Continue Reading →

Formerly alive, and yet still vain

My friend Christina sent me this report on a study, which gets filed in the Let’s Prove The Obvious file under “Nonetheless interesting.” The study, which is in the current issue of the Omega-Journal of Death and Dying, looked at… Continue Reading →

Want MORE?

Hi, kids! Fresh new post coming here in a day or so, but in the meantime, check out, for whom I will be blogging weekly about health and other fun stuff starting this week. Ah, but I’m not just… Continue Reading →

Not seeing is believing

I am trying to type this with two chopsticks so that I can sit an extra foot away from my computer and still see the letters clearly. When they start once again to blur, I will move on to drum… Continue Reading →

American Fossil

It’s one thing to feel old. It’s another entirely to have yourself relegated to the annals of history while you’re not only still kicking, but kicking ASS, thank you very much. The whole thing about being a Formerly is that… Continue Reading →

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