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Month June 2009

Welcome to Formerly!

Tremendous news! Well, tremendous to me, and hopefully to you, too. Formerly Hot is going to be a book (once I write it and they staple the pages together, that is!) I just shook figurative hands with an editor over… Continue Reading →

Gray is the new black (and white)

The year was 1994. The OJ trial was in its full, divisive swing; Kurt Cobain killed himself, leaving daughter Frances Bean to be raised by Mom of the Year front runner Courtney Love, and yes, Ace of Base inexplicably held… Continue Reading →

mj remixed

Currently free

I had an excellent conversation yesterday with a woman who so got the whole Formerly phenom that she was finishing my sentences before I’d fully formed them. By now, of course, I realize that I’m not a freak for feeling… Continue Reading →

MILF in the eye of the beholder

There are a few words that skeeve me, like, a visceral, shuddering feeling along the back of my neck and in my throat. Having to listen to them again and again would seriously test my gag reflex. Most of these… Continue Reading →

Do you need kids to be a MILF?

LAURA WROTE: I turned 32 this week, and am no longer officially young (thanks to Asher Roth’s MILF age qualifier of being at least 32 – I don’t even have KIDS, and I’m officially a frigging MILF?). When did I cross the line from Miss to Ma’am?

Ooof, the accidental "mom cut"

MS. BENTLEY WROTE: I knew I was a Formerly when I walked into my father-in-law’s house (for a family dinner) sporting my new short and (I thought) hip hair style. The first thing that flew out my (younger) brother in law’s mouth was, “wow, you got a new hair-do! It’s so *mom-ish*.” Yikes! All I could hear were the words echoing in my head…*mom-ish*…*mom-ish*…*MOM-ISH*!!! Not the look I was going for.

Formerly a working girl, still working hard

MG WROTE: Yes, you read it right. Not a Dolly Parton, 9 to 5, 401K, 2 weeks vacation a year, Christmas party working girl…the real kind….Now I have been sucked into the suburban portal of mommydom. Yikes!

Running for Botox

My positively stunning friend Judith was just told by a dermatologist that she was “the perfect candidate for Botox.” I don’t yet have the full story, so I don’t know if the remark was solicited or simply offered as helpful… Continue Reading →

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