178303793_64a0a80cf2_mYes, you read it right.  Not a Dolly Parton, 9 to 5, 401K, 2 weeks vacation a year, Christmas party working girl…the real kind.  Use any euphamism you like, lady of the night, hooker, whore (not a hoe, they give it up for free), prostitute, woman of ill repute (my all time favorite), streetwalker (my least favorite b/c I’ve never walked the streets…I’ve walked the carpets in casinos though), independent contractor, entrepreneur, etc.  Awww, the good ole days. I’m 3 1/2 years retired now and have been sucked into the suburban portal of mommydom, yikes!  Anybody got a time machine?  If I look at another sip cup toting, minivan driving, ballet class attending, soccer practice screaming, swim team leaving, rice krispy treat making, garage sell having mom I’m going to re-enter therapy.  It’s usually those kinds of moms who’s husband were my regular clients anyway.

Photo by Captain Giona CC