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Month July 2009

Still acceptably young

This is going to be a quickie because I must get out the door, but a woman named Tracy Young, who I don’t know, just posed a comment on Facebook which I thought was spot-on. She was responding to a… Continue Reading →

You're aging well

I’ve been meaning to post the lyrics to You’re Aging Well forever. It’s a song written and performed by a woman I went to college with, Dar Williams.

In that vein

Perhaps these particular type of indignities are increasing in frequency because it’s summertime and I’m wearing less, which, floppy, fish-white Formerly body be damned, I intend to continue to do. This morning’s pre-coffee atrocity:

Reunion reality

CHRIS WROTE: I got an email and picture from a former classmate and almost went into cardiac arrest! This person looked “old”. The white hair, wrinkles, the whole enchilada as they say!! No No, this can’t be.

It's all relative

JULIE WROTE: My 87-yr-old mother in law reminds me that compared to her I am young and beautiful so “shut up and enjoy it!!!”

Oh yes it's '80s night and the feeling's…WRONG

AMY WROTE: Waiting in line with all the 21-year-olds who were dressed up in 80s clothes–they were BORN the year I graduated from high school! There is no way I am wearing 80s clothes again- I did that. I lived it and loved it, and to them it is just this retro trendy kitsch thing. Good lord, I could be their MOM!

My stiff upper lip

Today my darling six-year-old daughter Sasha informed me that I have a girlstache. Avid Formerly Hot readers (and there are, like, 11 of you) know that this is not the first time one of my daughters has pointed out one… Continue Reading →

Ne believe pas le hype

I don’t happen to know too many French people here in New York, so of course I treat the few that I do like they are the spokespeople for their entire country.

It's raining industrial debris, hallelujah!

Last week my friend Jennifer and I had plans to meet near me for brunch. I live in a neighborhood (the Lower East Side of Manhattan) that is both a NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community), is home to many orthodox… Continue Reading →

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