I apologize in advance for the excess of exclamation points. It’s a women’s magazine convention that I still rely on, probably too heavily.

But check it:

184612848_ae5e301f7e_m Tremendous news! Well, tremendous to me, and hopefully to you, too. Formerly Hot is going to be a book (once I write it and they staple the pages together, that is!) I just shook figurative hands with an editor over at Ballantine–a living, breathing Boston Formerly who seems as psyched as I am to add to the Formerly Army.

Ooh, that sounds too militant. So not into marching in lockstep. The Formerly Club? Nah, too exclusive–velvet ropes with some burly bouncer to pick and choose who can come in is so not what we’re about. Network? A bit corporate striver. How about the Formerly Party (as in cake, piñatas and goody bags, not as in flag pins, backroom dealings and, let’s face it, still mostly older white guys who can’t relate to being us)? That’ll do for now, until we think of something better.

So please, continue to post your thoughts and feelings about finding yourself a Formerly, and if you haven’t yet, do so! As always, if you’re shy, you can drop me an email at stephanie@formerlyhot.com or post under an assumed name. And as always, thanks for all the support and happy thoughts.


Photo by Lainey’s Repetoire CC