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Month July 2009

Charming…I'll take it!

A very nice mention in the Los Angeles Times of an essay that I wrote in Behind the Bedroom Door. I was a little reluctant to read the book myself when it came out, for fear that all the other… Continue Reading →

Memo to all major (and minor) booksellers

I just came across a lovely blog posting about a reading of Behind the Bedroom Door that I did with some other women at KGB, a bar here in NYC, a few months ago. I read from an essay I… Continue Reading →

So totally excited!!

I apologize in advance for the excess of exclamation points. It’s a women’s magazine convention that I still rely on, probably too heavily. But check it: Tremendous news! Well, tremendous to me, and hopefully to you, too. Formerly Hot is… Continue Reading →

Formerly Formerly Hot

LEANNE WROTE: This “hot” thing can make a complete circle. I devote a lot of time to myself because I can now, in my 40s. And when the compliments start, it’s hard to go back.

Just sayin'

Not all aging is bad. Not in the slightest. Check this out: It’s called 11 Yearbook Photos that Musicians Wish We’d Never Seen. It’ll take a few minutes. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Wasn’t that something?

One toe over the line

HEIDI WROTE: I commented to my husband that I was going to be 41 this summer which was just fine by me. He reminded me that the year is 2009 and that I will actually be 42. Now, THAT seemed rather old!

Stupid shoes and other inexplicables

Today I fell. Not in love, or off the wagon, or even short of inflated expectations. I just plain fell, off my platform shoes, right in the middle of Park Avenue at 33rd street.

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