There are things I used to do all the time which I’m glad to say I no longer do, if I can help it. Some are things I’ve always hated but felt I had to do, and others are impulses I’ve learned to curb through practice and years gone by. A few things I’m so over:

Wearing control top pantyhose

Wearing pantyhose, period

Attending crafts fairs

Sleeping on a futon

Spending time with people out of obligation

Flirting back to be polite

Taking indirect flights

Guessing what someone is trying to say when he’s not being direct

Reading into what he does say

Not ordering a beverage with a meal because water’s free

Not ordering a second beverage if I finish the first before dinner arrives

Talking adults into things they don’t want to do

Pretending that I remember everyone’s names

Wondering if someone liked me

Wondering if he’ll call

Wondering if I got the job

Staying to the bitter end because I might miss something

Eating too little so I’d be thinner

Eating too much because I was starving

Wearing too little and freeze my ass off

Wearing dark burgundy lipstick

Deciding that other people’s lives are as perfect as they appear and that mine falls short by comparison

Trying to add up the number of people I’ve ever slept with

Answering the phone when I’m busy

Wondering for more than a minute if I’ve caused offense

Saying yes when I really want to say no, and no when I want to say yes

Waiting behind a velvet rope

Applying for anything

Hiding the fact that sometimes my marbles spill out onto the floor

Thinking much about what my ass looks like

What are some of the habits and hangups you’re glad to have left behind now that you’re a Formerly? I’d like to hear.

Photo by: Saxon CC