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Month August 2009

Foxy for the 50th

ELAINE WROTE: To be honest, I don’t feel “formerly” hot – I just feel ‘hot’. Hey, I know I’m not young – not in denial. But hell, hot is hot… no matter what your driver’s license says 🙂

Time warp

SNARLOTTA WROTE: …Lo and behold there was a picture of him on his university’s web site. and i immediately thought, ooh, hot older guy!…and then i saw in his CV that he graduated from college a year after I did.

A gray area

JULI WROTE: I’ve had more advice from women my age to color, saying “We’re too young to go gray.” Um, no we are not. We are coloring BECAUSE we are gray.

Redefining hot

Hi, folks, There has been some understandable confusion about what I mean when I use the term “hot,” as in Formerly Hot, or no longer hot, or when I was hot. Once in awhile, I’ll get an email from a… Continue Reading →

Plus ça change

I was looking at shoes today, and while I was browsing, the store phone rang. “Don’t call here or the other location anymore,” the young woman working there said with an authority I never had at her age (somewhere in… Continue Reading →

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