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Month September 2009

Somewhat stuck

CABERNET WROTE: I haven’t had sex since Bush was in office – the son, not the father, I’m not that pathetic yet! Nor do I have the desire to be around a man long enough to have the opportunity. Unfortunately, I am not a lesbian either… believe me, I contemplated it!

Oh, please, do tell!

I have a Google Alert out for Formerly Hot, to see if anyone else is using the (trademarked) term or if the blog gets mentioned somewhere I missed. Here’s what turned up yesterday on Yahoo Answers, posted by “Genius Dude,”… Continue Reading →

Stray cats and elephant elbows

A few of you have asked if I watched the debut of ABC’s Cougar Town last night. Yes, of course. I watched it as if it were homework, which for me it kind of was. My verdict is that it… Continue Reading →

The new old math

I live in what’s called a NORC, or a naturally occurring retirement community. In other words, there are a lot of old folks in my neighborhood, which is great because they call you dear in a totally non-condescending way, and… Continue Reading →

When you're too old to be young and too young to be old

If one more person tells me to “embrace my age,” I’m gonna lose it.

This appeared in Redbook in June, 2009

Formerly frustrated

FIONA1STHARP WROTE: I am no longer dealing with people on government $ who won’t listen and continue to have babies they don’t want and work for a non-profit where people have to EARN their benefits.

So much for mellowing

Oh, God. I’m not sure if this is a sign of age or clarity about what is truly important or a sign that my blood sugar was way too low (or all three), but I got into it today with… Continue Reading →

Irked for my age

BEV WROTE: As I walked by, I had to smile as I heard one of them call out, “hey baby, you’re looking good…you’re looking sexy….”
My confidence was boosted until he finished his sentence, “…for your age.”
god. Can we please rewind that and cut the scene three words sooner? ha.

Forever flexible

JEFFRIE ANN WROTE: I used to think I was fit. But I was just thin and ‘playing’ at fitness. Now that I am a certified Pilates instructor in my early 50’s I know what fit really is…and it’s me!

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