880116996_d337b4fad3_m CABERNET WROTE: What happened to the internationally-minded college girl?  I now am in a profession that I just fell into, nothing international about it what so ever.  I haven’t had sex since Bush was in office – the son, not the father, I’m not that pathetic yet!  Nor do I have the desire to be around a man long enough to have the opportunity.  Unfortunately, I am not a lesbian either… believe me, I contemplated it!  My days consist of working and channel surfing, with some red wine thrown in the mix.  Hey, I have to watch out for my health, right?  I know what I need to do:  get off of my butt and exercise, eat the right foods and find a hobby or two.  For me, that is way easier said than done.  I think I need to start by picking one of these, but I can’t seem to make up my mind which one to choose first.  So I do nothing.

Photo by Feverblue CC