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Month October 2009

Please drop your guard so I can insult you

I’ve posted before about finding myself uncharacteristically tweaked as a Formerly at little dumbass things that wouldn’t have bothered me a couple of years ago. Well, here’s the Peeve of the Day (POD), and it’s not even 9 AM: Preambles… Continue Reading →

The devil is in the decals

The hunt for flattering gymwear is never-ending, and I know you know what I’m talking about. Few women look good in those capri-length workout bottoms that are everywhere–they make a woman look like a peg leg pirate with stubby, wide… Continue Reading →

Forever 35

THE MIDLIFE GALS WROTE: I have decided to be 35. I am going to skip past the notion that 50 is the new forty and go down to the 30’s. It just sounds better and feels better too.

The instinct deficit

I was driving in my first lesson the other night, and Eduard, my gigantic Latvian former pro volleyball playing instructor, kept having to remind me to check the right mirror and my blind spot before making a right turn. Real… Continue Reading →

Life is good

LEABRAUSUB WROTE: Hard to pick a “formerly” anything b/c I feel so good now…Just never knew 50 could be so good.

Waxing Formerly

NFA WROTE: I ran out of strips to do my home waxing in the middle of a wax, so I bought another kit. My kids were out on Sunday morning, so I managed to wax the back of one of the unfinished legs. Then they came home, and I couldn’t get to the back of the other one. And I’m still walking around with a partially hairy leg.

Jitterbug, anyone?

This video from Conan made me pee in my pants laughing, and would have even if it weren’t for the whole minor incontinence issue (all the moms are going, “Uh-huh!” while all the non-moms are going “Eew.”) In working on… Continue Reading →

Driving while OLD

This may well be a new mini-series, here on Formerly Hot. In 41 minutes my instructor Eduard will be pulling up in front of my building to give me my first of 11 hours of lessons I’ve signed up for…. Continue Reading →

Yes, that old

My husband and I had a little gathering today, and I introduced one guy, my roommate when I was in my 20s, as one of my oldest friends. “I’ve known him for around 20 years,” I said. And then I… Continue Reading →

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