THE MIDLIFE GALS WROTE: I have decided to be 35.  I am going to skip past the notion that 50 is the new forty and go down to the 30’s.  It just sounds better and feels better too.  Until, of course, I have to put my mascara on in one of those magnifying mirrors that makes me look like my face is one BIG eye. My eyelids have crept down to produce their own double chins, so I have to really open my eyes wide and lift my eyebrows in order to put on eye shadow.  And, speaking of eyebrows, mine are going bald so I have to use a pencil to ‘fill in.’ I’m thinking of tattooing eyebrows on so I can eliminate one more step in my beauty regimen, but then I’d have to glue individual hairs on top of that so I wouldn’t look like Marlene Dietrich.  So, I’ll think 35, but everyone will still see 57.  Can’t be helped! Onward, through the fog!