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Month November 2009

What's your gratitude attitude?

I just wrote a little piece for a health blog about how wallowing in gratitude–not the once-a-year-over-turkey variety, but the count-your-blessings-for-the-little-things every day type of exercise–can have a positive impact on your health. And I wholly believe that is true…. Continue Reading →

Thankful for what has changed, and what has not

Last night, erev Thanksgiving, I sat with a close friend at a Starbucks, up by where her parents live. She went to high school in that Manhattan neighborhood, so the mean streets of the upper east side are her old… Continue Reading →

The old math

BROOKE WROTE: Did some math today. This year’s incoming college freshman were born in 1991. I wept very salty old lady tears.


I had planned to write a funny post about my latest Formerly Hot moment, which took place last week when it was unseasonably warm. I was in Maryland visiting friends and was chasing after my kids on the playground and… Continue Reading →

The return of the mom jeans

Stumbled upon this. Hilarious.

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Android allegations

This morning I went to this Verizon store on Wilshire to check out the Droid, a new smartphone that does much of what the iPhone does. I didn’t wind up getting it because, like a dumbass, I didn’t realize that… Continue Reading →

Cloak of invisibility

My friend’s husband, Peter, picked me up at LAX, and we went for a drive into Santa Monica. There were some blocks on which I saw three or four sleek, shiny Priuses parked in a row, and others with Jags… Continue Reading →

And sure enough

I managed to ditch the crap body image at check-in. After all these years, I don’t understand how it can hover above like a dark cloud, drenching me in tepid acid rain, making me want to chow through the entirety… Continue Reading →

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