I managed to ditch the crap body image at check-in. After all these years, I don’t understand how it can hover above like a dark cloud, drenching me in tepid acid rain, making me want to chow through the entirety of my kids’ Halloween candy and consider applying for one of those credit cards that are intended exclusively to finance liposuction.

And then, just as fast, it can fade from relevance, a weirdly disconnected memory that I know was mine but feels far away. It still smarts, but is not lacerating, like it was only 12 hours ago.

I’m watching Away We Go on the plane–first in-flight Formerly Hot post!–and Bert, the guy John Krasinski plays, is trying to talk his pregnant girlfriend out of her body image fat attack. He told her that he would love her  “even if you get so enormous that I can’t find your vagina.”

He meant it in a good way.

Photo by Noel Zia Lee CC