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Month December 2009

Here's how hot I am

Wednesday we discovered we had bed bugs. For about four weeks I’d been getting welts, and assumed they were the result of an especially trying few months, along with the general drying up and shriveling from a combination of winter… Continue Reading →

Kiss my mature ass

JESSICA WROTE: In our meeting he told me I looked older, he attempted to redeem himself by saying, “I mean more mature.” Ouch.

Dame in distress

CYNTHIA WROTE: I used to be able to count on manly types stopping to assist when auto failure haunted my travels….A recent breakdown found not a soul willing to offer a jump-start, and I knew I’d “crossed over.”

Culturally popped.

I haven’t had a bona fide Formerly Hot moment in a long time now, which I attribute to having finally acclimated to my new category in life, that of a not-young woman.

Put your expectations on a diet…

…and go ahead and eat what you want. Within reason, anyway. That was the message I walked away with after an interview I did for a magazine story on body image that I’m working on. Granted, I was at my… Continue Reading →

The raisin chick only gets hotter…

…while the rest of us are moving in the direction of looking more like raisins. Doesn’t seem fair somehow. In her defense, she has had the good sense all these years to wear a sun bonnet,

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