I think this may be the beginning of a protracted personal vendetta against the singer and Disney Channel starlet whose name I dare not write. I’d call it a feud, of the variety that Hulk Hogan would have to weigh in on in Us magazine, except that I know far more about the 17-year-old hair-extension-wearing, child-corrupting, model-dating reluctant role model whose catch phrase is “sweet niblets” than I care to, and she has no idea I exist.

After the classroom debacle, for which I arbitrarily hold MC entirely responsible, I wrote about it on Formerly Hot, and have since gotten hundreds of pieces of spam and a threatening letter from my web hosting company because apparently I’m hogging up too much of the shared server’s resources. Luke, the lovely guy who built this site for me, thinks one reason may be because I’ve been getting so much traffic on my MC post. That’s not because it was a particularly brilliant post, but because people have their Google readers set to search for the little chippie’s name and so Formerly Hot is getting overloaded.

Will the indignities never end? I might–might–forgive her if she comes to speak at my daughters’ school and says that I’m her BFF. No, her BBBFF. Otherwise, girlfriend should watch her back.

Photo by hodgers CC