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Month February 2010

Title feedback, please?

The final title of my book (unless, of course, it changes again) is…drumroll, please… MY FORMERLY HOT LIFE: DISPATCHES FROM JUST THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUNG Opinions, por favor?

Como se dice…Formerly?

You know you’re a Formerly when you would seriously consider–even for a moment–relocating to a country in which the culture is more embracing of women with your particular Formerly-related body changes. I hear that overfed women are considered prizes in… Continue Reading →

I killed chivalry

This morning, this guy got up and offered me his seat on the subway. That never happens. Truly, never. When I was pregnant with my twins, I remember having to foist my Bosu-ball sized belly into the face of the… Continue Reading →

Formerly naive

Things are generally more complicated than they seem. That’s something you learn as a Formerly, or at some point before then, but usually after college, when things are pretty simple: War is wrong, men are dicks, sisterhood is powerful and… Continue Reading →

Peeing in my pants

No, not in the postpartum weakened-pelvic-floor-muscles kind of way that I was for a while right after I had the girls. Just laughing so hard that I figuratively cannot contain my bladder.

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