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Month March 2010

Don't ass, don't tell

Lots of news, not a lot of time to write, but this I had to share: Luke, the amazing, amazingly patient man who built this site for me, hooked me up with Google Analytics so that I could get a… Continue Reading →

Appealing to a new demographic (seniors vote!)

LULU WROTE: Formerly cute young guys and men noticed me. Now they notice my daughters. The old white-haired retirees are crazy about me, however.

Finally wise

LADYBUG WROTE: Now that I’m 48…I’ve started to allow myself some of the small pleasures I cheated myself out of for the first 45 years. I wish for all the years back of when I wasted time wishing I was one of the “pretty women” and allowed myself to enjoy the fact that we are all one of “the pretty women”! Do not cheat yourself of today what you are not guaranteed to have tomorrow!

Put my foot where, exactly?

I am now taking the kind of yoga class my younger self would have considered not efficient enough (sure, relaxation, but no “real” workout), a class that I would have deemed vaguely for pussies and the elderly. Clearly I am… Continue Reading →

Formerly Hot, Ph.D.

I cannot wait to get my increasingly less-youthful looking hands on FACE IT, a new book by two former models who are now shrinks. From what I am gathering from the New York Times piece on them, Drs. Vivian Diller… Continue Reading →

Being busy is a blessing

JULIA WROTE: Formerly…I would use bathroom time to brush teeth, use the toilet. Now, I stand there plucking grays and strays.
Formerly…I would grab a tub of ice-cream, sit on the couch and not think am I eating the serving size of a tennis ball???
Formerly…I could go on with these thoughts for hours, now–I’ve got my kids science project to oooh and aaaah over. See, the present ain’t so bad.

Dialing up old-school

I took Vivian, who’s six, to Supercuts on St. Marks Place today to get her bangs trimmed, and the cashier was having technical difficulties. We had around a 15 minute wait, and every time a client came in, she spent… Continue Reading →

Formerly food, now? Really?

My lovely marketing maven friend Lucinda sent this to me and it made me figuratively pee in my pants laughing, it was so spot-on. What is up with yogurt, female Formerlies, and what the ad world apparently thinks women (of… Continue Reading →

Room to grow

My former boss at Self, Lucy Danziger, just co-wrote a book, The Nine Rooms of Happiness, all about how to figure out, when you feel like crap, exactly why you feel like crap, and how to de-crapify your life. Or… Continue Reading →

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