JULIA WROTE: Formerly…I read the entire NY Times on a Sat. evening, which was really a Sunday morning, picking it up on the way home from somewhere, thinking nothing of seeing 3a.m. on the clock with the arts and leisure section in my hand.
Formerly…I put on pretty much anything in my closet and I never had to ask the, “Does this make my butt look big” question.
Formerly…I would use bathroom time to brush teeth, use the toilet. Now, I stand there plucking grays and strays.
Formerly…I would grab a tub of ice-cream, sit on the couch and not think am I eating the serving size of a tennis ball???
Formerly…I could go on with these thoughts for hours, now–I’ve got my kids science project to oooh and aaaah over. See, the present ain’t so bad.

Photo by: Stuart Spivak CC