3735984578_2c2cec7e3eLots of news, not a lot of time to write, but this I had to share: Luke, the amazing, amazingly patient man who built this site for me, hooked me up with Google Analytics so that I could get a better sense of where all you readers find Formerly Hot  (that would be the five or six who I didn’t go to high school with).

The tool has all kinds of nifty data, such as which sites people come over here from, how long they stay on the blog, how many pages they click on and how many of them are new visitors. All of this information is helpful to Lucinda, the lovely woman who is helping me market my soonish-to-be-released book.

Google Analytics also says which key words people search with and then wind up here. Guess what the number one key search words are? No, really, guess!

OK, I’ll tell you: “mature ass”. That’s right, type “mature ass” into Google, as apparently many readers did, and you may well wind up right where you are now. That is, after you wade through asspoint.com, sexymaturemovies.com and quite a few others.

I used that term once here, in a title of a post from a reader. Lord knows no one gets to see my mature ass here and only rarely anywhere else (just ask my poor husband). People who came to Formerly Hot hoping to see anyone’s ass, mature or otherwise, leave sorely disappointed. Which may be why those who searched under “mature ass” and found themselves at Formerly Hot stayed an average of 00.02 seconds.

I love Google Analytics.

Photo by Genista CC