This made me laugh so hard I couldn’t not share it. My friend Janine–who is, like this singer Kate Miller-Heidke, a serious bad-ass–sent it to me. It speaks to the unique position of people our age who went around dating and dumping and otherwise hurting the hell out of each other with the reasonable expectation that we would never have to interact again unless we went out of our way to.

And then along came Facebook and all of a sudden there’s the opportunity and in some cases temptation to lurk near-ish to your ex’s life, peering in at what might have been had one or the other of you not been a total asshole. As Formerlies, we’ve lived long enough to have at least one if not 7 or 33 former partners we would be shocked to find a friend request from in our Facebook notifications.

I’ve been lucky that the ones who have reached out to me have been guys of whom I have fond memories, or fondness mixed with a healthy dollop of “whatever.” I’m glad to hear from them and see pictures of their cute kids and middle-aged paunch. I’m happy they’re happy or at least happy they’re as happy as they are. And I like to think they feel similarly about me.

Then again, I can think of one or two who I’d sing this song about. Enjoy.