I’m so psyched to have you here, and here’s why: Because if you sign up to start a Formerly group–a Gang of Formerlies–you will be part of the grassroots Formerly Movement, the mission of which is to help women everywhere learn to laugh off the stupid pressures that make us feel like crap about getting older. We need to start enjoying all that we’ve learned on “just” the other side of young. In a matter of months, I anticipate the Formerly Party to be a powerful voting block that politicians of all stripes feel they must cow-tow to. OK, maybe not. But we can join forces to fight the hype and have a cup of coffee.

Sign up now and we’ll send you our Gang of Formerlies Kit in about the next month. Put groups@formerlyhot.com in your address book so we don’t wind up in the nasty spam filter amidst the penis enlargement and discount Vicodin ads.

In the meantime, email me your ideas for Gang of Formerlies activities and discussion at groups@formerlyhot.com. I’d love to hear from you.