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Month May 2010

Dropping in!

CAROLYN WROTE: I have since worked my former-drop-out butt off for a year, and have been accepted into the highly competitive nursing program, thanks to my shiny 4.0 GPA and great letters of recommendation from my teachers. Imagine! I even aced Chem and Anatomy & Physiology! In two years’ time, I’ll have my RN and will have completely turned my life around!

Cool down

ANNEKE WROTE: So, I was at the gym and a very cute younger man approaches me. I was totally flattered until he said, “You’re pretty hot… for your age.” UGH! I learned he is 25 (I am 38). Quick calculations showed that I could’ve possibly been this kid’s babysitter way back when. On the upside, when I was 20 something, I didn’t know I was hot. I suppose now I do (since someone hot told me).

Dr. Feelbad

WENDY WROTE: The doctor I saw was young…maybe 5 or 6 years older than my oldest son…. and very cute. He pointed out 3 times that I was 40 and needed to be more careful and would probably need a tetanus shot more often than every 10 years…

Some advance love from Woman's Day

Even pre-Formerlies are seem to be on board. Love. May 20, 2010 Daily Buzz: Kim Cattrall Refuses to Pose With Cougar on Magazine Cover In a recent interview, Kim Cattrall (Samantha from Sex in the City for those not in… Continue Reading →

Formerly Hot on

Pretty cool and pretty nice of my friend Karen to mention FH! Go nuts with the tweeting! Does Sexy Have a Size? #article_byline a { text-decoration:none; } By Karen Salmansohn If you missed the new Lane Bryant commercial with the… Continue Reading →

Sex and the City and Formerlies

I haven’t seen the movie (yet), but this bit in the New York Times (thumbs down) review of Sex and the City II had a bit that jumped out at me: “If they seem less wonderful now, it isn’t because… Continue Reading →

Very psyched!

Hi, kids, I’ll be blogging a couple of times a month for Psychology Today on our favorite topic–check out my first post here. It’s interesting and a little tricky because most of the other bloggers there have PhDs, which intimidates… Continue Reading →

Let's hear it for the boys!

In any major social movement that shines a white-hot spotlight on the issues facing women or minorities, sooner or later you’ll hear cries of injustice from over near the boys’ bathroom, to the effect of, “Hey, what about us? We’re… Continue Reading →

On a lifetime upswing

JANELLE WROTE: At 47, I am better than I could have ever imagined I would be and looking forward to getting even better. Maybe not so hot to the 20 somethings, but that’s OK by me. What do they have to offer yet?

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