dsc03703Hi, all,

I would so adore it if you could send me a picture of yourselves holding up your “Formerly”–example at left. I am doing a promo video for the book and it may be used in that, and most definitely here on the site. You wouldn’t be IDed by name, just the pic.

Here are the specs: horizontal, no time/date stamp, and as high res as you can muster (send it to me as an attachment to stephanie@stephaniedolgoff.com). Use white paper and dark ink, and write is as clearly as you can.

copy-of-for-stephanie-002Your Formerly should be short and sweet (i.e., Formerly Shy versus Formerly Used To Have to Be Drunk to Talk to a Guy) or as close to it as possible. My lovely friend Demetra (she’s the dark haired one) send me this all the way from Athens–and of course there’s no single word for “Formerly Hot and Bothered About What Other People Think of Me.” So do the best you can.

I can’t wait to see you!