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DEANNA WROTE: Formerly engaged to a hot Latino… mmmm, yummy.  Seriously, I woke up every morning pinching myself wondering why someone so fabulous would be interested in me! But we broke up and I moved to the states to escape the heartbreak and met my now-husband. 15 yrs on, I reconnected with my former flame to discover that he had still wanted me, but our impending wedding was just too much too soon – all he’d needed was some time.  He’s been devastated when I moved away. Wow – nothing like communication, right?  Now he’s happy with his wife and I’m usually happy with my hubby.  On those UN-usual days, I can’t help but wonder what might have been.  However, my former and I have agreed that should we each find ourselves alone again down the road somewhere, we’ll REALLY reconnect.  It’s rather tragic but somehow comforting to know that you still hold that little corner of a heart you can’t have, even in spite of being sole owner of another.