n1462225589_30243961_7140This new website by some sister magazine chicks appealed to me in a circle of life kind of way. It’s like, you’re born cute (there are some exceptions, but by and large babies genetically coded to be adorable so their moms don’t leave them out with the recycling when they cry relentlessly and then spit up); then you’re a dork (a pretty much universal junior high state of being); then you’re briefly hot again, and then you revert back to dorkdom, at least in the eyes of your children and all the young, hip, relevant in-the-know 20somethings. Which is how we find ourselves here at Formerly Hot.

In honor of the occasion, I will repost this dork-a-licous picture of myself, which I realize makes it hard to believe I had even a glimmer of hotness, brief or otherwise. (In case the resolution isn’t high enough, there were gold initials in the lower right corner of my brown tinted glasses. Jealous?) So go check out BeforeYouWereHot and show the gals some love.