3994092573_72bea16bfdSarah Jessica Parker and I might just be the same person. Think about it: Have you ever seen us in a room together? No, right? (That would be because, with one exception, we’ve never been in a room together. The one time we were, maybe ten years ago at a restaurant in SoHo, she ate heaps of linguine while I stared at her eating heaps of linguine. It was all very thrilling for me and probably annoying for her. Linguine is hard to eat with some lady staring at you.)

ANYway, aside from the fact that she’s tiny, blond, rich and famous, we have tons in common. She has twins, I have twins. She lives in New York, I live in New York. She is a fashion icon, I…try not to wear yoga pants out of the house more than three times a week. See? Mirror images.

Up until yesterday, I thought that’s where the similarities ended, until I read that, like many Formerlies, she says, “I feel old and tired.” Well, sometimes I feel old and tired, although usually it’s just tired.

But it’s a good kind of tired, like I’ve-been-doing-lots-of-cool-stuff kind of tired, so I’m not complaining. And like many Formerlies, the older I get, the happier I feel, lighter, like I’m not walking around bent by angst that I’m somehow not doing something right, like I’m missing the point. I had more energy when I was younger (who doesn’t?) but I was another kind of tired entirely. I’m younger than that now.

I wish the same for SJP. And for you. And for Kim Cattrall, who apparently turned down a cover shoot for a women’s magazine that wanted her to pose with a real, live cougar. From Stylelist:

“I really take umbrage to the code ‘cougar,'” Cattrall tells the source.

“I think cougar has a negative connotation and I don’t see anything negative about Samantha and her sexuality, sensuality and choice.

“I don’t think she stands or sits in bars waiting for young men to prey on. And I think that’s something that people who are uncomfortable with strong women have labeled her.”

You know how I feel about term cougar, so I’m totally with Cattrall on that. Very psyched that she didn’t pose with the big cat. And I don’t see anything negative about Samantha’s sexuality, either. What’s more, that character’s voraciousness isn’t limited to young men, or even men, come to think of it. So she’s not technically a cougar.

But let’s face it: The character does sit in bars waiting for men to pray on. And it’s funny. Which is fine. No need to suck the humor out of it just because you’re a feminist, right?

Photo by David Shankbone CC