SHANNON WROTE: “Wow Mom, you used to be hot!” Those words will crush a woman’s soul. They’re right up there with the time my four-year-old (number four in the line-up of five kids) came in unexpectedly while I was stepping out of the shower and looked up oh so innocently and asked, “Mommy, when will I have loooonng boobies like yours?” That put me into a black hole for weeks.

But now that I’m knocking on 40 (in four months and 23 days, but who’s counting) I realize that even though my boobs no longer stand up & salute and my flat stomach is SO gone; I have traded UP for a great life with a devoted hubby, great kids, and a good home. Yep, I may be a former hottie, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Photo by Flickohit CC