BEA WROTE: Happy to be Formerly…most of the time. Formerly did not have to worry about the color of my hair, which since 2 or 3 years ago has become a monthly bother to color. Formerly was more careless, light and took opportunities easily as they came along. Now life is so much fuller, but also more complicated. Formerly did not have marvelous children that keep me in my toes, making me question so many things about what I am doing and how  am doing it. Formerly was more insecure about what i know and don’t know….Now I know a little more about what I can do. And can’t do.
Formerly I thought Icould do so many things, so I did not have to choose. Now I have understood better about the process of making choices and sticking to them, and having to think about the impact on others. I can’t figure out whether this is positive or not. I have also reached 43, so happy with what I have, and have accomplished, but unsure about what i want in the future. Was it easier or did it seem easier before???

Photo by Fontplaydotcom CC