Ip1000101n any major social movement that shines a white-hot spotlight on the issues facing women or minorities, sooner or later you’ll hear cries of injustice from over near the boys’ bathroom, to the effect of, “Hey, what about us? We’re oppressed too!” So I’m not shocked that the Formerly Movement has sparked a wave of Formerly dudes wondering why their challenges upon realizing that they’re OMG NOT YOUNG ANYMORE are not being met with the same outcry of sympathy and international aide.

Seriously, though. Even though none of us is exactly hurting, insofar as becoming a Formerly is an issue for us ladies, guys have their own male pattern Formerly to deal with, and who am I to say that it’s not just as big a deal? In fact, this blog started off more unisex, and still has a bunch of regular guy readers.

From what I understand, becoming a Formerly for many men isn’t as much about looks (no one does a happy dance when he loses his hair, but men aren’t traditionally as valued for or as invested in their looks as women are) as it is a vague sense of becoming “that guy,” the one with the Dockers and the minivan and the wife who won’t have sex with him and who wonders how he wound up actually kind of grooving on that job that was really only meant to be a tide-me-over until his band got signed.

Then again, there are now Spanx for men. And they’re called…Spanx for Men. “Man Spanx. Game On.” Cracks me me up. My husband had no comment.

Clearly I need to know more about it. What goes on for male Formerlies? If you are one or are close to one, I want to hear about it. What were your Formerly Moments? When did you realize that you were not the guy you’d been most of your life? What was completely freeing to realize that you’d let go of?

Let ‘er rip!