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CAROLYN WROTE: I am a former high-school drop-out. True story. I dropped out at 16 and then went back for one more awful semester at 17 before leaving school for good. I partied, I worked sporadically, then met and married a guy, and had two children.

Things didn’t go as planned (do they ever?).

Two years ago, I became a single mom after my divorce, I realized I needed to get it together. After a few months of a mall job, I applied to college (I had earned my GED years ago).

I have since worked my former-drop-out butt off for a year, and have been accepted into the highly competitive nursing program, thanks to my shiny 4.0 GPA and great letters of recommendation from my teachers. Imagine! I even aced Chem and Anatomy & Physiology! In two years’ time, I’ll have my RN and will have completely turned my life around!

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