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Month June 2010


KRIS WROTE: After chaotic romances and many crises in my 20s, I now have a wonderful husband and 2 kids and find great reward in my teaching career. And if I don’t quite have the energy I used to, well…it’s still enough energy to enjoy my kids and have a great intimate life. I wouldn’t go back to that time for all the $$ in the world!

Feel Better About Your Post-Baby Body

How to love and appreciate your post-baby hot mama body By Stephanie Dolgoff, Parenting 19Share So you’re toting a few extra pounds and sagging in some places you weren’t before. So what? Your body is still sexy and incredible. Here’s… Continue Reading →

You go, Marisa Tomei!

I’m not a starf**cker, generally speaking. As Us magazine takes pains to point out each week, they’re just like us: gas-pumping, coffee-buying, child-schlepping bipeds, wearing hats to hide bad hair days, wading their way through marital swampland, and probably freaking… Continue Reading →


How’d that happen so fast? I had to (pay my very brilliant tech guy to) move Formerly Hot over to a new server, which is good news–the old server couldn’t support the gazillions of visitors the site has been getting…. Continue Reading →

Desperate, much?

The above ad on the New York City subway is part of a series of Lumix ads that are all too clearly aimed at snagging the young consumer. Others in the series say, “Fits perfectly in those skinny jeans pockets,”… Continue Reading →

Whoa! Hey, hi! It's FORMERLY/FINALLY FRIDAY again!

Lauren is not even a Formerly yet–she’s a pre-Formerly, but the specter Formerlydom looms large. Here’s all she wrote: “I recently had cocktails with a business associate. She’s very fun to work with and have a really great energy about… Continue Reading →

Get psyched!

My second post for Psychology Today–hope you enjoy! June 15, 2010, Happiness Careening into Cliché Resisting becoming a cliché is a cliché in itself, so why bother? Published on June 15, 2010 Sometimes I think getting older gracefully simply means… Continue Reading →

Ass bras and other implements of torture

Ever since I posted this little video, in which I posited that if there were a such thing as an ass bra, I would wear one, several of you have sent me links to actual ass bras. I was a… Continue Reading →

It's Formerly/Finally Friday!

It’s week two of this grand old tradition, and since no one sent in a picture of him- or herself holding up their Formerly–no guilt, just a fact–I was about to declare the tradition a bust. And then I looked… Continue Reading →

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