Oh, you’d like to know what that is? Well, lemme tell you: It’s a brand new weekly tradition in the grand tradition of traditions. Every week on Friday (unless I forget, but I’m going to write it on my  hand so I don’t) I’m going to feature one of the fabulous Formerlies who sent in a pic of themselves declaring their Formerly and/or their Finally.

The first one is my friend Brenda, who doesn’t care to dye her hair to match her little blond children, who are friends with my little red-headed children. In fact, she’d never even heard of of the practice of shlepping your kids into your colorist, and asking him to cover your grays with something akin to what your children have, so you don’t stretch credulity too much. (Call it believably blond.) Brenda said she used to dye, but her grays didn’t retain pigment, so she just let it go. Too busy, too broke, and, frankly, whatevs. So: Formerly Blond, Finally Naturally Lovely.

I, on the other hand, will almost certainly deep dye my hair when I have more than the couple of grays I have now, even if I have to cut off Sasha’s beautiful strawberry blond locks and sell them to a wig maker to pay for it. Because that’s the kind of selfless mother I am.

PLEASE send me your Formerly/Finally pix, so I can keep the tradition traditional. Specs here!