2fc-bigThe best part about promoting the book is the cool people I get to meet, at least electronically. Carla and Shauna are two of my favorites.

Their attitude toward getting and staying healthy fits right in with the Formerly Hot ethos, which is that there’s no single “right” answer–whatever works for you in getting and staying fit (and doesn’t cause anyone else hideous pain) is your right answer. Experts are great for information, but after you digest what they have to say, filter it through the Formerly wisdom that you’ve gained over time, and you’ll be where you should be.

In my case, where I should be turns out to be a couple of sizes bigger than where I thought I should be all these years, but I look good and feel good, so I’m done thinking too much about it. Except when I’m thinking about it. But I really try not to. What’s the point?

ANYway, here’s the podcast. I’m about 5 minutes in, and please excuse all my ums and you knows.