ELIZABETH WROTE: I was one of those people that was born with a perfect body, including long athletic legs.  I never had to do anything to maintain this look, and I basically never have. My looks opened many doors, as did my two degrees.  However, I have never chosen a healthy lifestyle (closet smoker, paid no attention to diet) and now, soon, it will be time to pay the piper. I know in the end, it’s health, not looks that matter, and I’m trying to prepare myself for those dues to pay.  So, soon I will have a photo shoot to capture my looks before they disappear, so I will have something to look at to remember the good days while I am sitting in my easy chair, chained to an oxygen tube.  I am 45 and I am going to try to make this the summer of my health reclamation!

Photo by Valentin.Ottone CC3595174259_504a9a793e_m