formerlybaldIt’s week two of this grand old tradition, and since no one sent in a picture of him- or herself holding up their Formerly–no guilt, just a fact–I was about to declare the tradition a bust.

And then I looked and saw this in my in-box. She’s not holding up a sign, but was crystal clear about her Formerly. Jen writes that she is Formerly Bald. “I survived six months of life-sucking chemo after my cancer diagnosis at the age of 32,” she wrote. “I lost my hair and my sense of optimism but I have not lost my will to live or my ability to love. It sucked but I truly think I’m a better person for it.”

I’ve been fortunate never to have been ill, but like everyone else have known too many people who have had cancer, and for whom “finally” is not a given. Thanks, Jen, for reminding us that the opportunity to age out of young (never mind getting to write about it) is not to be taken for granted.